Don't Mind Us (2017)

Our latest musical offering is jam-packed with hot skiffle sounds and cool acoustic licks. Featuring such hits as Toxic, Eye Of The Badger and Fat Bottom Girls, this inexplicable and irresistible album is sure to have you up on your feet and dancing - slapping your thighs and probably slapping the thighs of everybody else around you.

It's only available to buy at our gigs, so you'll have to come along and join the fun if you want to get your hands on one!

Inside The Suitcase (2012)

Certain folk may have been lucky enough to purchase a copy of our first album, Inside The Suitcase. We can't say we blame them. Who could resist such an eclectic blend of hardcore skiffle and frantic folk nonsense?

Sadly, these rare treasures are no longer in print and have sold out due to popular demand. There may be plans to release another batch in the future, but in the meantime don't be sad - our second album is just as round and shiny.